<p><strong>1. DISPUTED HISTORY WORKSHOPS</strong></p>

<p>The conceptual background consists of comparative analysis of the history textbooks that were used during different periods in the region of former Yugoslavia. The objectives are:<br />
- to identify and discuss opposed historic narratives, collaboratively evaluating visual, linguistic and literary properties of the selected materials<br />
- to detect the ideological positions from which given narratives have been conceived so as the positions from where the new ones could be proposed.<br />
- to edit (by collective selecting, assembling (collage) and photocopying of collected materials) a new fanzine-like publication on each workshop, convenient for multiplying and distribution<br />
The results are:<br />
Employment of basic model of involvement, promotion, animation, collaborative research and building of the contact and database.<br />
Achieving elementary insight into the diverse historical official narratives<br />
Up to 15 participans better oriented and engaged within the topic frames.<br />
Expert and activist sphere animated through local media and local cultural scene contacts<br />
Public presentation<br />
In each Project place a 3-day workshop will be organised. Participants are invited through emails, local media and leflets. Each workshop counts with participation of two local experts.</p>

<p>Realization plan:</p>

<li>Kosovska Mitrovica – 18/19/20 November 2016;</li>
<li>Prijedor – 16/17/18 December 2016;</li>
<li>Belgrade – 20/21/22 January 2017;</li>
<li>Zagreb – 24/25/26 February 2017.</li>

<p><strong>2. SEMINARS FOR EVERYBODY</strong></p>

<p>Seminars for everybody are dedicated to theoretical and discursive reflection on generative and constitutive processes of the historical revisionism, with special attention to „hegemonic frames of memory“ (which are, according to dr T. Kuljic&nbsp; procedures and proccesses that establish and maintain certain politics of memory as dominant in society).<br />
The objectives are:<br />
to collaborativelly explore and discuss structures and functions of hegemonic framings, their main agencies, manifestations and instruments.<br />
to enable the project participants and audiences to understand the cultural and political origin and dynamics of local, national and international hegemonic frames of memory as they reinforce themselves in everyday life through official politics and practice of memorialization.<br />
to promote theoretical and specialist understanding of the topic through lectures and debates that are adopted for the broadest possible audience.<br />
The expected results are:<br />
Revisionist media discourses and institutional practices critically examined, debated and theoretically reflected;<br />
Historical revisionism-related educational practice, local or international, as well as activist and artistic strategies and practices presented, debated and theoretically reflected.<br />
At least 6 lectures or presentations and related seminar discussions audio recorded and edited/transcribed for on-line and/or paper-back presentation and distribution<br />
Audience is reached through local media, ngo networks, cultural institutions and assotiations. Seminars are promoted by leaflets and audio recorded. In each place there will be two 1-2 day seminars with up to 4 presentators or lecturers.</p>

<p>Realization plan:</p>

<li>Kosovska Mitrovica, February and April 2017;</li>
<li>Prijedor, March and May 2017,</li>
<li>Belgrade, Fabruary and April 2017;</li>
<li>Zagreb, April and June 2017.</li>

<p><strong>3. DEFRAMING SESSIONS</strong></p>

<p>Events and actions of different formats will be organized after the realization of the workshops and seminars. They will be conceptualized as attempts to “de-frame” from detected and analyzed hegemonic frames of memory. The sessions might be organized in a form of lecture performances, guided tours, public interviews, recitals, group visits to museums or exhibitions, protest letters etc. The overall objectives of these events and actions are:<br />
To transform co-generated and gained knowledge in “art of deframing history” - activities that creatively cope with the analyzed problematic.<br />
To creatively focus on general preconditions and determining factors that foster historic revisionism.<br />
To critically highlight symptoms, processes and outcomes of historic revisionism in local context &nbsp;</p>

<p>The expected results are:<br />
- At least two local (which deal with locally recognized “frames”) and one collaborative de-framing session (which deals with regionally or internationally present and relevant frames) organized and produced by each partner<br />
- Up to 10 participants in each place enabled and supported in different artistic and activist ways of promotion of the knowledge generated in the Project, making it more publicly visible and communicative.</p>

<p>Sessions are regularly advertised and documented.</p>

<p>Realization plan:</p>

<li>Kosovska Mitrovica, May-September 2017;</li>
<li>Prijedor, June-October 2017,</li>
<li>Belgrade, May-October 2017;</li>
<li>Zagreb, July-October 2017.</li>

<p><strong>PUBLICIZING (production, post-production, promotion, advocacy)</strong><br />
As project evolves all activities (up to 7 in each place of realization) are simultaneously documented and published on a general database platform on the internet. Printed publications will come in the form of lessons learned and conclusions after the Project is completed.</p>