<p>NGO Active (<a href=""></a>), Kosovska Mitrovica</p>

<p>Aktiv was founded in the divided city of Mitrovica. Since its inception in 2009, Aktiv has successfully implemented an array of projects and has become an active part of local civil society. It has cooperated with a number of both regional and international NGO’s and has played a vital role in the political and social development of N. Kosovo. With a growing presence in the local community and with an expanding network of partners, Aktiv has been able to increase the scope and scale of its projects. One of the Aktiv's projects is Aktiv Art Centre that started in 2012. AAC is a centre for promotion of cultural activities, cultural activism and cultural diversity. We do so by; developing an informal educational programs that enable young individuals with artistic affiliation to pursue and develop their artistic talents; applying the innovative interactive approaches in educational programs; organizing a public events promoting the cultural diversity and hosting various artist from the region and Europe; and encouraging the young people to use our capacities in their individual socio-artist development efforts. The services and programs we are offering are by principle free of charges and created in the manner that ensures social, gender, age and ethnical equality. Each program strives to maximize the use of local expertise while combining it with international innovative viewpoints and tendencies.</p>

<p>Centar za mlade “KVART” (<a href="">http://centarzamladekva...), Prijedor</p>

<p>CZM „KVART“ is a non-partisan, non-governmental, and non-profit association of citizens based on an uncompromising respect for universal human values ​​such as peace, non-violence, democracy, freedom, equality, respect for human rights, anti-fascism and justice. Action of the Centre for Youth "Kvart" is aimed at young people as the most vital part of society and the most appropriate for achieving positive social change. Main field of activities are: dealing with the past; human rights, discrimination, hate speech and hate crime; activities and outreach programs for youth. CZM “KVART” use culture as a medium for achieving its goals. CZM “KVART” is established in 2006. but it has not been active until 2010.</p>

<p>Documenta (<a href=""></a>), Zagreb</p>

<p>Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the Past contributes to the development of individual and social process of dealing with the past, in order to build a sustainable peace in Croatia and the region. Documenta's programs are based on: collecting data and publishing research on war events and violations of human rights, monitoring of war crimes trials, education about politics of remembrance and commemorative culture and initiation of public dialogue about the culture of remembrance.</p>

<li>This Project was initiated by the ReEX and the project “Disputed Histories”. Partner organizations were invited on the basis on their practice, contacts and recommendations</li>
<li>The Project was designed as a collaborative platform with a common goal and unique formats of activities but with an array of different tasks and topics applicable in various contexts. Project initiators are responsible for consultative processes and for decision-making based on agreements reached with partner organizations. Partner organizations are from their part responsible for implementation and realization of project goal and overall mission in their local settings.</li>
<li>Experts, lecturers and other project collaborators are selected on a base of their professional experience and years of work in the given fields. Their respective roles within the Project might be consultative, informational, promotional, those of moderation, evaluation, etc.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;</li>